Imagined Life

Let your mind be free.

Let it fly to the summer,

let it tear through the sky,

let it sit on a rock,

let it stare at the sea.

It wasn’t made to be enslaved,

and it already knows

who you could be.

Latest from the Blog

Off Cycling

Jenny finished her hot chocolate and croisssant, and left her table by the ferry window to head outside. She climbed the steep metal staircase to emerge on the aft of the weather deck, gripping the railing and bracing into the 40 knot wind as the ferry swept forward. Ahead, France was drawing closer, St Malo’s … Continue reading Off Cycling

Haiku ‘Rebalance’

I wrote this haiku a while ago, but I think it works well for the theme for imagined.life: View this post on Instagram Haiku ‘Rebalance’ Clean air. Calm. No rush. Family. Friends. Time. Nature. Creativity. #haiku, #poem, #cleanair, #calm, #norush. #family, #friends, #time, #nature, #creativity A post shared by Nicholas Rowe Poetry (@nickrowepoetry) on Dec … Continue reading Haiku ‘Rebalance’

The Garden Party

Beth walked through the cool criss-cross of shadows beneath the apple tree, the shadow fingers swirling softly in a gentle dance across the path, reaching upward against the gable wall. Stepping around the corner, she had to close her eyes to the blazing sun, slowly opening them again as green light seeped in then formed … Continue reading The Garden Party

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