Welcome to my new blog: ‘Imagined Life’

Welcome to ‘Imagined Life’.

There are often wonderful things to be found in our lives – though we sometimes need to remember where to look. However, at the same time, there are often other things that are not.

It is all too easy to let your energy flow out to others, some of whom may have no genuine interest in your path or self, nor share your values or vision of how you would like the world to be.

Such a loss of energy is not (I believe) a simple one step transaction to someone you directly know. Often, you pass your energy on, and the next person – who may want to return it but is subject to the same effect – passes it on while adding some of theirs, and it emerges as a growing wave, transporting the energy far away to some distant shore. As a scenario, you might love large motor boats, but you might also not and at the same time have a strong interest in the environment. In the latter case, if your energy assembles as part of a single filling of a super yacht’s fuel tank with hundreds of thousands of pounds of fuel at some far off location, that would be at odds with your values and vision for the world, and how you would like your energy to be used.

Please note this is not a judgement either way on a specific lifestyle choice, but an illustration of how our own energy can end up being used, albeit indirectly, in a way we might not wish. To stick my own flag in the sand, I quite like boats though I doubt enough to buy one. If I did though, and was awash with money (not a key driver for me but let’s go with this), I would probably be tempted to get something biggish, though I doubt over 45’, and for me, I’d prefer one with sails. But I don’t expect everyone to feel the same. In practice, I don’t expect to get a boat, and will probably stay on my bike 🙂

If your energy flows outward and away from where you would like it applied, your awareness of self may fade with time. You may lose confidence in your ability to enact your values, or to influence the world to help find and create a niche in which you, and others who like that niche, fit.

If we are though able to direct our own energy, maybe we don’t have to reduce ourselves to a binary choice, either passively finding a cave and trying not to crumple the grass, or designing shells from plastics, metals, or concrete and steel to hide inside. If this is to be the anthropocene, could we both build and fit, to move to and shape a place where we can both create and belong – where we have a place, but are also a part of and not separate from a wider and healthy ecology?

Now to put on the brakes; I don’t want to attempt to wade too much further into philosophical depths at this point.

That’s in itself is not my dream.

I want to have some fun, but still with a serious intent. A philosophical musing as above is just one technique toward that end. I wish to explore a range of creative approaches (the choices probably depending on my mood at the time) to set my mind free, explore ideas, and I hope to also facilitate or inspire others to do the same.

I can only get so far in one post in one day – I am certainly sometimes also subject to net energy outflow after all – but this is still one step forwards. I may write articles. I might not. I may use fiction as a tool. I will probably write poetry at times. And try other ideas.

I hope you as readers enjoy and find value from this blog. I hope though you do not have expectations of a fixed and regular posting schedule – I’m afraid that’s not my cup of tea.

There are two remaining questions I wish to answer in this introductory post; why this blog, and why begin it now?

Well, every now and then, I mull upon the topics this blog will be exploring. Who am I? Who are we? Can we remain in touch with our values, maintain our belief that we can act upon them, and do so? Can we find and architect the lives that we want for ourselves and others around us, and develop a healthy symbiosis with the wider ecosystem within which we exist – while respecting the freedom of others to also have different dreams? And can we avoid sacrificing all of this to others who may have a stronger energy draw and, at the same time, may have very different values?

And why now? I guess I could have begun this blog at any time, but 2020 is a year – and I feel little need to further explain the context – when I think many people are taking an opportunity for positive reflection, even though few would wish for the circumstances giving us that space. As for many others, this very much applies to me too, and it has given me the nudge to take this next step.

In many ways, for myself, this is also the continuation of a journey that I started in late 2017, when I set myself a goal that I would love to become a writer, to use my creativity, and to be able to move and inspire people. Setting that goal was not really about starting something brand new, but rediscovering and acknowledging a desire that had always been within me.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and will enjoy this blog in future. I hope that I will be able to publish much more, and not just succumb to the aforementioned energy trap. And I hope that you and others, whether reading this blog or not, have success in finding your true path.

Finally, if you have an appetite to read more and something a bit different, and in waiting for more material to develop on this blog, I have a link to my poetry blog from the about page of this site.

Wishing you much happiness for the future,

Nicholas Rowe.

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